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15 Dec

3 Personal Training Sessions : $99.00

3 Months Unlimited Training PLUS Nutrition & Training Seminar: $330.00

3 Personal Training Sessions : $99.00

Start off the new year on the right foot with our Personal Training Package. This is for first time clients only and can be given as a gift as well.

3 Months Unlimited Training PLUS Nutrition & Training Seminar: $330.00

Our Unlimited Package includes The Nutrition and Training Seminar on Jan 14th and 15th from 9AM-11AM.

• Day 1 you will learn about your macro and micro nutrients, receive guidelines that can be applied to any dietary lifestyle and receive a Food and Workout Journal to record your progress.

• Day 2 will review basic lifting techniques for Olympic lifts, classic barbell lifts, as well as Kettlebell movements. Both of these offers are for first time clients only and gift certificates are available. The Nutrition and Training Seminar is also a stand-alone purchase without any training package for $50/day or $75 for the weekend and open to members and non-members.

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15 Dec

When you think of power training, you probably think of professional football players or any aspiring professional athlete. Power training has been proven to be equally as beneficial for the everyday warrior and more specifically, older adults. Power training has been proven in assisting independence, fall prevention and rehabilitation after an injury. Power is also a neuromuscular factor that shows the greatest decline with aging. In the ages of 65-89 it has been proven that explosive knee extensor power is 3.5% per year, it is also known that for every decade between the ages of 20-70 power in men declines an average of 8.3%, but men are not the only ones suffering. Joseph Signorile, master of sports medicine at Miami University, believes that the higher levels of disability in elderly woman compared to elderly men is due to the women’s lower power-to-body weight ratio and their inability to produce more power.

What is Power?

Power is defined in the field of Exercise Science and Training power as “The ability to exert maximum muscular contraction instantly in an explosive burst of movements”. Power is known under 2 terms: metabolic power and mechanical power. Metabolic power is the rate at which our metabolic systems produce energy our metabolic system is the way our bodies use energy to build muscle and burn fat. Basic physics teaches that force equals mass times acceleration, Mechanical power is just, physics. It is most often known to be used with activities of daily living (walking, falling, sitting, running) but most importantly it is associated with fall prevention. When we fall, weather on purpose or by accident, we instinctively reach try to prevent the fall. We explode out to try and grab something or catch ourselves, it is during this time that injury can occur if we cannot produce enough power or are not strong enough.

Why Power declines with Age

So why do we lose power as we age and how does it happen? The simple answer is Type 2 muscle fibers; Type 2 muscle fibers are our explosive fibers. Type 2 muscle fibers are most commonly known in sprinters because of the explosiveness needed in their lower body. Messi Delbono, author of Muscle and Nerve says “As we age we suffer a loss to the motor units of these fibers, it is also common to have reduced nerve to muscle transmission, and decreased levels of excitation-contraction coupling (the ability to flex)”. A muscle biopsy done in 1984 found that patients who suffered hip fractures from falls showed significant loss in Type II muscle fibers. A couple years later in 1987 a study from Wolfson & Amerman showed that lack of ankle stability was the strongest predictor of falls among elderly men and women. Women showed 24% less explosive power in their weaker limbs. They also showed that power difference in lower limbs (Asymmetry) between limbs might be more predictive of future falls.


It is not abnormal to have such a dramatic reduction in our power output as we grow older and older. We experience changes in all aspects of our anatomy as we grow older, there is nothing we can do about it. But you can increase and keep your power with consistent, specific training. Train for a better you, move better, live better, be better.

14 Oct

The rise in popularity of obstacle races is undeniable. The obstacle course race (OCR) community is growing every day with a plethora of different types of races becoming available. There are races for those in the best shape of their lives and there are also races designed to get people from couch to race day. This article will focus on convincing those of you who have yet to make the leap to sign up for your first race to do so.

Here is a list of the races from beginner to advanced:

Rugged Maniac – For the beginning OCR athlete in all of us, a 5k with no pressure on competition, contains beginner level obstacles and an easy flat terrain.

Warrior Dash – For beginners and those with little experience, a 5k with little emphasis on competition and more importance on finishing, semi-challenging terrain and obstacles.

Savage Race – designed for the slightly more experienced OCR athlete

Tough Mudder – A team course designed for the beginner OCR athlete

Bone Frog – For the experienced OCR athlete

Battle Frog – A Navy Seal inspired obstacle race for 3-4yr vet of OCR

Spartan Race – Designed for the experienced OCR athlete and those looking to test the physical and mental toughness

And here are three reasons why you should be signing up for one of these OCRs right now!

#1 – To Challenge Yourself

Have you been attending the same group exercise classes for years? Do you find yourself with the same workout routine as last year’s New Year’s resolution? Are you looking for a new physical and mental challenge? Did you love the camaraderie of your high school or college team? Are you looking for a fierce competition? Lacking motivation and a training purpose can be the two biggest issues with your current fitness program. Signing up for a race accomplishes both goals.

#2 – The Positive Group Dynamic

You have seen them by now. The group picture of the local boot camp gym all muddy with big smiles after a big race with 30 hashtags. At the United Strength Academy our goal is to change lives for the better, starting with the mental battle. Running a race with a team can change the way you see fitness; USA team members focus on camaraderie and finishing warrior strong! At the end we all feel accomplished and ready to train for our next race!

#3 – Great Way to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

Compare your current workout with an obstacle race. When competing in one of the many different OCR races no matter what difficulty it will call on many different muscles and require the mental toughness to push through the pain. You will need leg endurance, cardio endurance, and upper body strength. You will need to jump, run and lift in ways you never thought possible. Mindless cardio on the treadmill or elliptical trainer just does not cut it. If your goal is body fat loss, you need to challenge the anaerobic energy systems of the body, which means sprints and lifting weights.

If you’re looking to join the revolution with the next best thing in fitness, if you want to challenge yourself and push yourself past your limits, if you love team work and fierce competition then an OCR race is for you! No matter your physical condition there is a race for you. You just have to be willing to make that first step.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” –Unknown

11 Mar

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